„Polygraph“ is finally out – Thank you!

Wow! How awesome was this?!?
Thank you all so much for coming out last night and partying with us all night long till drop! We had an unbelievable blast and you made us so happy!

We’d like to thank all the bands that shared the stage with us and supported us in this sick way! Hugs and love to Lion City, My Sleepless Youth, Bright End, The Boring, More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters, The Stumfol Bros and Complaints!

Thank you Gabi for the sick stage sound and the time you spent for us! Thank you Tobi for the kickass Mexi and Pfeffi and the unbelievable support and love you put in shows like this! Thank you Stefan and Steffi, the best Vokü-crew ever for not leaving us for dead in starvation and once more pumping up such great food! Thank you Kemper for sitting long hours behind our merch.

Thank you Tobi and SubZine, Moe And Backbite Records, Cecek Records and Distrozione for releasing our Record for which we worked so many hours and nights! And once more a big thank you and kisses to Antonio and Roland for making this Record sound awesome! We had such a great time with you in Studio! Thank you Julian for the great artwork and the time you spent by working off our endless list of wishes! It’s an unbelievable feeling to finally hold this piece of vinyl in our hands!
Thank you JuHa Herrenberg for always welcoming and supporting us again and again and giving us a place to be and space to unfold our creativity. We are thankful for every single sweat drip we let on this floor!
We are overwhelmed that there are always so many helping hands and supporters and we really want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts especially Flo, Martin, Yannik, Jona, David, Anne, Steffi, Stefan, Kev, Denker, Lale, Hotte and the HSFN-Crew.

It’s also a perfect moment to say „I Love you“ to the most important persons in our lives for your unresting support, loyalty and love: Our Girlfriends and families and the best friends we actually can imagine!
A very special Thank you and 1000 Küssle-aufs-Nüssle goes out to our best friend and formerly guitarist Adrian for your commitment and the energy you once more put into this project to temporarily fill the gap our beloved Mikechete-kills-again is not able to play with us.
Our best wishes and all our hopes go out to you Mike for a hopefully swift and complete recovery. We always stand by your side!

We are so sorry if we forgot to mention someone but we are so exhausted right now. Done and out.
Thank you <3
(Sorry for the enormity of this post but some things need to be said!)
See you all soon!


PS: There are a few special limited LPs left in Backbite Moes store. Check it out and get yours now!

RELEASE SHOW 8. May @ JuHa Herrenberg

Hey partypeople!
Wer es noch nich mitbekommen hat wir feiern am 8.Mai unser Release in Herrenberg im juHa, wird ein buntes Fest mit schlechten Klamotten, etwas besseren, um nicht zu sagen grandiosen Bands und Künstlern, außergewöhnlich leckerem Essen, einer wahnwitzigen Aftershow Party und sonst noch viel drum rum!
Würd uns riesig freuen euch da zu sehen!


PBF Flyer finishCAD Release Flyer finish

Recording is finally done!

Recordings are finally done!

We hooked some nice guest voices for the new record.

Say Hello to our friends Heiko and Kolbi.

Great job guys!

Check out their Bands Deliver & Turn Away in a quiet minute!

And if you enjoy drinking good and fair coffee check out Heikos small coffee business „Schwarzmahler„.

Love CAD









New Shirts out now! Donate for Hardcore Help!

Allright guys we got some new Shirts out now!
Each shirt sold, 3€ go directly to the Hardcore Help Foundation! You have the option to give an additional donation as much as you want. Every cent of this will go directly to the HHF. This time we chose a smaller print which is not that sticky as a big one at sweaty HC shows.
So if you’re looking for a super sexy summer shirt… grab some
Here it is:




Day off!

Vocal recordings went awesome yesterday. Faster than expected!

So nothing to do today…

Thx Roland for the good work.

We got some little merch surprise for you in a few hours. Stay tuned!

Hell Yea