What a sweaty weekend!

Thank you all for coming out this weekend! Thx to Toni, Micha, Guckert, Sven and all the helping hands at our two shows in Chemnitz and Gießen. We had such a sweaty good time! Love CAD   oh and if you have some time you don’t know how to waste check out Coma. really nice…

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Upcoming weekend

Gonna be a good weekend! Friday 18. Jul – Chemnitz @ Südbahnhof w/ Coma. + Soulground https://www.facebook.com/events/1471809236398176 Saturday 19. Jul – Gießen Summerfest!!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/721627831230444/ Yihaaaaaa! http://collideanddiscord.de/shows/

New Merch soon!

Yo Folks, we got some new shirt designs and other stuff coming soon! Keep your head up for this and grab some good cotton at a show 😉 See you soon! Next show on saturday in Zwiesel!! Good times

the restrained EP – lyrics

1. As I Breathe Water modern life is based on efficiency. to survive depends on the place to be. jump on the boat agree with the deal. this book is written but the last page is clear. increase the pressure it’s all matter of the time it takes. to pull me on the ground with…

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„the restrained EP“ Download for free!

Hey everybody, here you can download our debut EP „the restrained“ for free! Check this! http://collideanddiscord.bandcamp.com http://collideanddiscord.bandcamp.com http://collideanddiscord.bandcamp.com

The first two years

CAD was founded in mid 2011. Chris and Adrian on guitar, Jan on drums, Tim on bass and Dave screaming. January 2012 CAD Teamed With Antonio Raimindo to record their first EP „the restrained“ in Stuttgart, U3 Studio. The content in „the restrained“ is about our greedy society, humanities value and for everybody who’s able…

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