CAD is a 5-piece Hardcore Punk Band from S/W Germany Stuttgart writing and playing music influenced by bands like Have Heart, The Carrier, Comeback Kid or Dead Swans.

XXX CAD refuses to accept any kind of fascism, nationalistic bullshit, homophobia and sexism and do not even start with any kind of your fashion shit! XXX

CAD was founded in mid 2011.
Chris and Adrian on guitar, Jan on drums, Tim on bass and Dave screaming.
January 2012 CAD Teamed With Antonio Raimindo to record their first EP „the restrained“ in Stuttgart, U3 Studio.
The content in „the restrained“ is about our greedy society, humanities value and for everybody who’s able to see through all the bullshit and fight for a better world.
„the restrained“ was released in April 2012 and is up for free download. Make sure to check this out!


A setback came up in May 2012 when Adrian left the band to pursue different musical interests. After a few weeks and acouple of shows as a party of 4, Mike took over Adrians spot.
Fueled up again they are more motivated to blast the shit out of your city then ever!

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In March 2014 the band once more hit the studio to record some new songs. The new record named “Polygraph”, contains 7 brandnew Songs released on 12″ milkey-white vinyl with black splatters and was released on May 8th 2015. Be sure to give it a spin!

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